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Not Lame Recording Company
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Illustrations by Daryll Collins
RC Flyers
a boy and his dog
RC FLYERS - Radio Flyer - This charming home-made project is a lo-fi pop treat filled with pretty melodies and a slightly haunting feel to it and the project of Buddy Love guy Doug Khazzam (see the other CD offered here)  and Gary Feldman, who churn out some fine songs that sound at times Byrdsy, other times Beatlesy, always keeping their feet in the '90s but giving nods to their '60s influences time and time again. The harmonies are perfect, the songs are catchy and the atmosphere is more 'laid-back pop' than 'power pop' (although that probably changes when they play live). Made up especially for Not Lame folks (like the fab Buddy Love CD), too. Over the course of this nine-tracker, you'll be tappin' your toes and singing along in no time. Heck, with song titles like "Strawberry Says" and "Pamela Please", how can you go wrong? $12
Bruce Brodeen
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