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 I'd love to be a mid 60's POP Star, so I write & sing guitar driven pop music. I practice martial arts, training in Tae Kwon Do for 20 years. I have a beautiful wife and family on Long Island.

There are four ways to contact me through the ICQ network. The following are my free ICQ contact addresses.
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ICQ#: 7010799
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You can contact me through my EmailExpress address or my Web-Pager:
Handle/Nickname: DKhazzam
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Doug Khazzam's Personal World-Wide-Pager
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My Homepage address is:

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Send me an EmailExpress to this address:
You can send me a short message (up to 450 characters) directly to my screen. If I'm online, the message will appear on my screen immediately. If I'm offline, the message will appear on my screen as soon as I connect to the internet.

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You can click the button to send me an e-mail and notify me by ICQ or you can do so from your ICQ client: Right-click on my nickname in your contact list, select Email then click the Send Email + Notify by ICQ